lucie hrzalová

Mother Agency:



Acting, singing, dancing (ballet, modern and folk), puppetry, mime, dubbing, make-up

Language skills: 

Czech - native speaker

English - B2


2019/23 DAMU - Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre

2017/19 HAMU - Pedagogy of Classical and Folk Dance

2008/16 Dance Conservatory of the Capital City of Prague. Prague 

2002/08 FZŠ Umělecká, Prague 7

Theatre experience:

2023 Climax (Pomezí) - directed by L. Brychta, M. Čížková, B. Smolíková 

2022 Beggar's Opera (DISK Theatre) - directed by K. Volánková 

          57'12" (Divadlo DISK) - directed by R. Poliak, J. Froněk

          Nabíledni prázdno (Czech Centre Paris) - directed by K. Volánková

          We Will All Be Relieved (National Theatre) - directed by E. Říhová

          The Beach (DISK Theatre) - graduation performance

          On Cosmos and Everydayness (NoD) - graduation performance 

2021 Free as Birds (ND+) - online performance

2020 Pangasius 0.1 (Studio ALTA) - directed by R. Poliak, J. Froněk 

2019 The Garden (Laterna Magika) - P. Knolle, Š. Pechar, D. Stránský 

2018 Touch the Universe and Continue (National Theatre) - directed by J. Frič 

2017/ - Swan Lake (Hybernia Theatre)

2016/ - Jiří Srnec's Black Theatre

              Swan Lake and The Nutcracker (German Festival Ballet)

2016 Swan Lake (DJKT Pilsen)

Dubbing experience:

Leo Mattei: Juvenile Department (AXN - Babidabi)

Disappearance in Lörenskog (Netflix - Babidabi)

Angela and Her Sisters - Italian sitcom (B.Ä.R)

Film Experience:

2023 The Ballerina - directed by S. Slavickova (FAMU)

2022 The Light of Bethlehem - directed by J. Svěrák (Feature film)

          Medmed - directed by T. Krutina (Student film)

2021 The Head of the Jellyfish - directed by F. Renč (Czech Television)

          To Eternity - directed by P. K. Ponec (FAMU)

2020 Seznámení - directed by K. Čížek (FAMU)

2019 Directions - directed by K. Čížek (FAMU)

2015 I, Mattoni - directed by M. Najbrt (Czech Television)

School and class projects:


          Caucasian Firs - directed by R. Poliak 

          Game(over)thinking - author's durative performance 

          Demask - output from the workshop with M. Solce 

          All night outside - directed by K. Volánková 

          CSVNS? - 8 h durative performance 

          Maternal Heart - directed by K. Filo 

          Beauty and the Beast - directed by T. Nevřiva

          Inspector Potato - L. Hrzalová, N. Ferenc 

          Mánes lásko - directed by J. Froňek 

          F. Kafka - Transformation - author's performance 

          Neutral Mask - workshop performance 


         This play - choreography by N. Matysková 

         Šárky - choreography by D. Mikula 

         Bathroom - choreography by N. Matysková 


         Still Live - choreography by R. Rogers 

         Classical Symphony - choreography by J. Horák 

         The - Duet - choreography by A. Sojka 

         Carmina Burana - choreography by I. Kubicová 

         Peter Pan - choreography. Andreo

         Suite en Blanc - choreography by S. Lifar 

         Les Sylphides - choreography by M. Fokin 

         The Little Match Girl

Courses / workshops:

2023 Make-up course (Make-up institute)

2022 Immersive Theatre Workshop with L. Brychta

          Workshop realization - puppet carving

2021 Acting workshop with D. Špinar

          Acting workshop with J. Havelka

          Workshop of dialogical acting with M. Hába

          Puppetry and object theatre workshop with M. Solc

          Pantomime workshop with R. Vizváry

          Neutral Mask Workshop with H. Strejčková

2020 Workshop of author's text with B. Mazůch

          Clownery workshop with T. Měcháček

          Workshop of stage speech with E. Spoustová

          Dance and movement workshop with Cécile Da Costa

          Dance and movement workshop with A. Kalinka and M. Kozánek

2019 Feldenkrais Method Workshop with M. Richterová

          Scenography workshop with D. Stojcevski

          Pantomime workshop with T. Legierski

          Neutral Mask Workshop with V. Legierski and T. P. Riedlbauchová

          Workshop of musical improvisation with V. Šrámek 

          Body Voice workshop with P. Fendrychová

          Workshop Dance and Acting with T. Breiová

          Folk Dance Workshop with Z. Mikešová

2016 Workshop Ohad Naharin with A. Salant

          Workshop with Z. Jereb

          Workshop with J. Kodet

Work outside the discipline:

2023/ - ND Commercial Department - Audience Care Officer

2015/ - ND New Stage - Stage Staff